SEPTEMBER 12th, 2008
992 Valencia Street, San Francisco

ANIMANIMAL/MAMMAL/MANIMAL, programmed by Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa & Brel Froebe.
An experiment in translation that began as a narrative concerning the history of animals and humans that was sent to a myriad of different artists who each responded in equally divergent fashion. Using these responses, the screening recreates the myth for the viewer. Artists included: Ted Passon, Brel Froebe, Ava Warbick, Jason Martin, Andrew Strasser, Katherine Bauer, Rini, Jesse Malmed, Grey Gersten, Sarah J. Christman, Harry Crofton, Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa, Chris Rice and Ernesto Oroza.

SICK TRANSIT, GLORIA, programmed by Jesse Malmed.
A collection of films and videos hinting towards notions of transit, translation, globalization and movement. The eclectic program was guided by a momentum and internal logic of masked chase scenes through Prague wild/er/nesses, Roman bicycle jaunts, found-footage chemistry experiment graphic films and other unknown cinematics. Artists included: Mike Nason, Alex Evans, Molly Bradbury, Tristan Love & James Longmire, Jesse Cain and Jordan Stone.