DEEP LEAP MICROCINEMA is a periodic art event focusing on the efforts and works of emergent and innovative experimental film-makers, video artists and new media artists. Each program is curated around a theme, with appropriate and elucidating lectures, bands and readings attendant.

Please submit works around the following themes:

"NEW" "LANDSCAPES" (Due in one week)

THE WAY PEOPLE TALK (Due in two weeks)


"NEW" "LANDSCAPES" - a program of contemporary looks at landscape. What's "new" about new landscapes? What constitutes a new landscape? How do artists apply new ways of thinking and creating to old landscapes? Old ways of thinking and creating to new landscapes? A long, steady 16 mm single take of Second Life? A gif of a Peter Hutton film? Contemporary ghost towns? Malls that are made to look like towns?

THE WAY PEOPLE TALK - a program of works that respond (consciously or not) to the phrase "the way people talk." So: accents, ways/means, talking, chatting, dialogue, why you said what you said, a memory of a conversation, labored speech giving, why you say what you say, people, language, how I heard you what you said, &c.

806 N. Bishop Ave.
Chicago, IL 60642

Please ensure that each submission is labeled with the artist’s name, contact information, title, a short synopsis/explication and total running time.

Please distribute this call as far and as wide amongst your media-making circle as possible/appropriate.