DEEP LEAP is a zine and arts umbrella based, right now, in Chicago. We used to live in Portland and San Francisco and Massachusetts. Specifically, DEEP LEAP ZINE is/was edited and organized by Adam Fulton Johnson, Jesse Malmed and Raven Munsell (see below) but has connections with dozens of young makers throughout the country (and a few out of the country). The DEEP LEAP MICROCINEMA is programmed by Jesse Malmed (in the middle).

The DEEP LEAP MICROCINEMA is a joining of thematically programmed video art, experimental film and new media works with specially commissioned performances. Past shows have included: SICK TRANSIT, GLORIA; IN THE LIGHT CONE; PALIMPSESTS; SIGN LANGUAGES; SACRED GEOMETRIES and ZAUM/BEYONSENSE. They have shown in bars, barns, art spaces renowned and nascent, on a bamboo screen tethered to a chicken coop and in a repurposed firehouse.

The process by which the zines are made is simple: you email us, we email you a "prompt," you make something based on that prompt, a few months later we emerge with a publication brimming with evocative new writing and images by thrilling young voices, then we have a party and our friends' bands play and we show videos and revel. Interested? Email us HERE to get involved.

 Adam Fulton Johnson   Adam Fulton Johnson by H.K. Johnson 
 Jesse Malmed   Jesse Malmed by Hannah Johnson 
 Raven Munsell   Raven Munsell by Hannah Johnson