DEEP LEAP ISSUE TWO, released in the Spring of 2009, is currently available at LASERCAVE for only six American dollars.

Included with your purchase: the words and images of more than 80 young makers with such curious excitements as a new xenobiological discovery, an interactive poppy-planting experiment, a bilingual crossword puzzle, a limerick by a dad and much, much more!

A pdf of the issue is available HERE. Online readers are also encouraged to download this postcard Egan Frantz made (which is to be e-paper clipped to page 18)

As a result of an unfortunate oversight, Elissa Bassist's phenomenal play OLD ORLEANS wasn't included in the print zine. Luckily, it has been carried into the internet with a beautiful little pdf of it HERE. We can call this DEEP LEAP ISSUE 2 and a half.

Edited by Adam Fulton Johnson, Raven Munsell and Jesse Malmed.


by Zak Kitnick  

by Hai Knafo  

by Aurora Halal